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Opening the doors to Practical Laravel Security...

Hey there,

If you've been waiting for the news about Early Access to Practical Laravel Security, then this isn't the email you were waiting on... But it also kind of is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As I said in a previous email, I was planning to launch Early Access with the first three modules last week this week, but due to various reasons (I won't bore you with the details) I didn't get it ready in time, and then we hopped on a plane to the UK from Brisbane, Australia for a family holiday. I was hoping to get the modules completed on the plane and launched during a stopover in Singapore but... everyone else in my family getting travel sick kinda ruined that plan... So ultimately it's not ready yet.

Since we're now less than a week from Christmas, when everything goes a bit quiet and companies often have breaks, there is no point trying to launch for the next week or two, so I will reschedule the launch of Early Access to early January.

However, it's not all bad news and excuses...

It's time I let you all in on a little surprise: the presale folks already have access to the first module (XSS)! 🥳

So far I've completed the first module (XSS) and the second (Escaping Output) is almost complete, with the third (HTML and Markdown) on the way. My original plan was to get all of these ready and then launch Early Access to let everyone in. However, when I completed XSS, I was so excited about the challenges that I sent the Presale folks invites and they've been having a lot of fun trying to solve them.

Here is the current leaderboard from the XSS challenge:

They've also been leaving great feedback about the course, including this from Matt:

Just wanted to say thanks for making this course.

Loving the format, the gamification is working well with my brain 😊

It’s getting me to think about this in ways I wouldn’t have by just reading a book.

The last challenge was just fun, didn’t use the hints but [REDACTED] 😊

Looking forward to the next challenges.

I'll be enabling each module as they are ready for the presale folks (existing and new), and when the first three are complete, I'll reschedule and launch Early Access. That means the presale folks will get Early-Early Access! (Ok, this naming is getting ridiculous...)

Ultimately, what this means for everyone who hasn't bought the course yet is: if you sign up now, you'll not only get the cheapest price for the course, but you'll also get immediate access to the XSS Module, including the challenges, plus the other modules as they are completed. All of this before Early-Access official launches and all for the current price.

Sign up to the presale

(Please contact me for teams, student, or PPP pricing.)

Thank you all for your support and encouragement with Practical Laravel Security. As you know, Security is a real passion of mine, and it's awesome to have so many folks from the Laravel community join me in focusing on security.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas / holiday period! 😁😁