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Escaping Output and Payment Plans!

Hey there,

I hope you all had a great holiday period and new year, and you have a great 2023! My primary focus this year is getting Practical Laravel Security built and released, which I'm very excited about! 😁

As an aside, I'm speaking at Laracon EU on the 26-27 January in Lisbon! If you're heading to Laracon, you won't want to miss my talk. 😉

Escaping Output

Back on the 31st December released the Escaping Output module for PLS. This is the second module to be released and follows up the XSS module and challenges nicely. It covers the theory behind escaping output, how to do it in Blade, as well as Vue and Alpine. Plus one of my favourite Laravel features, the HtmlString method!

Go check it out, if you haven't already.

The next module after Escaping Output will be HTML & Markdown, which is the other Defence piece that follows on from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and the XSS challenges. Next from there will be a new Attack module, most likely SQL Injection - and I've got some fun plans for the challenges for SQLi. 🤐

Payment Plan

The other update for PLS is the addition of a payment plan.

I've had a few people contact me unable to pay the full amount initially, so to help out, I've put together a basic 3-month payment plan, to help spread the cost out a bit. You can sign up now for $89 USD per month, for the 3 month plan (at presale pricing):

Sign up now!

The payment plan will open up access to modules throughout the first 3 months (to prevent folks signing up, accessing everything, and then cancelling), with full access to the course after the final payment.

We're still in the presale period, or as I've called it: Early-Early Access. However, as I've mentioned before, when the third module goes live, I'll be bumping the presale into Early-Access and raising the price a bit. Not up to the full price yet, but the presale price will be ending soon.