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The hard part about working in security...

Hey there,

Do you know what the hardest part about working in the security industry is?

No one wants to spend money on security until it's too late...

How often do you see companies have a data breach or get hacked, and suddenly turn around and start madly hiring a security team, and throwing thousands and even millions at security vendors. It happens. All. The. Time.

As folks interested in security - I know this is you, because you joined my mailing list! - this is something we all come up against. We want to spend more time focusing on security, doing audits, writing security tests, brining security into QA, etc. And a lot of the time we're hit with pushback, or we're simply too busy working on "actual feautres" to have time to spend on security.

How do we solve this problem?

The best way to keep your applications secure is to write secure code from the start, and the best way to do this is for developers to learn about security, and then apply security concepts while they are writing code. If a developer can look at the code they are working on, identify any potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and fix them while building features, then everyone wins! The features get completed AND the app is more secure!

This is the purpose of Practical Laravel Security.

Practical Laravel Security is designed to teach developers to think like hackers, to look at the code they are building and identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. All of this comes from learning how attacks work, how you can compromise sites. Learning these technical skills helps you identify vulnerable code patterns - even if they don't exactly match some checklist or are ignored by some code-scanner.

Practical Laravel Security will teach you how to write secure code and build secure Laravel apps.

As I've been talking about this week, Early-Access is opening up, which means the discounted presale price of $249 USD will be ending on Monday*! This is definitely the last chance to get the course at this price.

Get the Presale Discount

If you're working in a dev team, forward this email to your manager/boss, tell them the benefits of their dev team writing secure code , and let them know I have special teams pricing available! You can get your whole team involved and work through the challenges together, or make it a competition to see who is the better hacker. 😉

See you in the course!


* Well, Monday-ish. I'll be updating the price on Tuesday Australian time, to allow for timezones.